Specialty Product Colorfast EF

High performance, vibrant, and environmentally friendly concrete color mixes that will add beauty, value and sustainability to your project. Colorfast EF consists of environmentally friendly color mixes that reduce the carbon footprint of concrete structures, contributes toward LEED certification with the use of “recycled materials,” conserves natural resources and reduces pollutants for all types of decorative concrete applications. Colorfast EF is a durable, rich colored ready mix concrete product that is designed for any indoor or outdoor architectural application.


  • Unmatched color consistency
  • Colorfast EF™ Colors don’t fade
  • 50% reduction of CO2 in concrete production
  • 50% recycled materials (LEED)
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Increased strength
  • improved workability
  • Easier to pump, place and finish

More Information

Available at Central Concrete Supply CO., Inc. in California


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