Specialty Product Colored Concrete

Concrete can be enhanced to a stunning and broad variation of colors. At U.S. Concrete, we supply a full line of decorative concrete solutions at all of our ready mix concrete locations using 3 different processes based on the desired effects and project type.

Integral Color

State-of-the-art liquid color dispensing technology. This technology offers both strength and beauty to vertical or horizontal construction projects. This process is only available at U.S. Concrete’s Central Concrete operation in northern California at this time.

Color Stain

In this process color is added to the surface of hardened concrete. Stains provide wide range of natural color and depth to concrete floors and other surfaces.

Color Hardener

Powdered color that is dusted on the surface of concrete at time of finish. Color hardener provides more uniform and more intensely colored surfaces as well as durability and enhanced water and weather resistance.


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