Daren Lesley

Image of Daren Lesley

Vice President, Aggregates

Daren Lesley has served as Vice President of U.S. Concrete’s Aggregates Division since April 2020. Mr. Lesley was instrumental in developing the Company’s Aggregates division, building the Company’s profile into a significant player in the heavy building materials sector. Mr. Lesley joined the Company in December 2017 as General Operations Manager. Prior to joining the Company, he held the Vice President of Private Construction position with Mario Sinacola Companies. From 1996-2010, Mr. Lesley was General Sales Manager of Cement and Aggregates at Texas Industries, Inc. (TXI). Prior to his time at TXI, he held various positions with Gifford Hill & Co Inc. and Apac-Texas, Inc. Mr. Lesley holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northeastern State University. He has held positions with the Cement Council of Texas and Southwest Cement Shippers Group.


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