ARIDUS® Healthcare

ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete - Speed To Revenue

Eliminating Moisture In Concrete Slabs For Healthcare Projects:

Providence Medical Center
Everette, Washington

Project Team

ARIDUS® Licensee/Concrete Supplier: Stoneway Concrete
General Contractor: Mortenson Construction



Moisture in concrete slabs can cause significant challenges when flooring is installed. Even when epoxies are applied over the slab to protect vinyl floors and carpet from moisture issues like buckling, salt formation, and mold can still occur. Rapid-drying concrete removes the need and cost for moisture mitigation solutions by eliminating moisture within the concrete slab itself. For healthcare projects, cutting the risk of future building maintenance while streamlining the speed of the construction process is a top priority.

For a better solution, Stoneway Concrete and Mortenson Construction turned to U.S. Concrete’s ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete when they were building the new $300 million Cymbaluk Medical Tower at the Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, WA. The mix was used in portions of the project that impacted the critical path schedule to reduce drying time and the risk of excess moisture vapor in concrete slabs. For the Stoneway and Mortenson team this meant flooring could be installed more efficiently and effectively and meet the project’s schedule demands while providing the highest quality finishes. Completed five months ahead of schedule, the 12-story Cymbaluk Medical Tower is the largest expansion project in Providence’s 100-plus year history.

ARIDUS application included:

Two concrete placements covering more than 16,000 SF
Patient related areas on the construction critical path including: surgery suits, lobby areas, and corridors

The full project included:

A 713,644 SF medical tower housing state-of-the-art technology
329 ICU and ACU beds and 28 surgery suites

60,000 SF of diagnostics and treatment space for and acute care hospital
A 60,000 SF new Emergency Department

Stoneway Concrete assessment of ARIDUS

“The problems with excess moisture in concrete starts with low-VOC adhesives. They’re water soluble, so the moisture in the concrete can migrate to the flooring. This has led to liability issues and cost overruns. ARIDUS addresses these moisture problems from the very beginning. ARIDUS reduces drying and the risk of excess moisture vapor in concrete slabs. The result – flooring can be installed much faster and more effectively.

– Greg McKinnon, Operations Manager, Stoneway Concrete


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