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Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a type of construction material made with ready mix concrete cast in a reusable mold or "form" and cured in a controlled environment, then transported to the construction site and lifted into place.

Custom precast concrete products.

Our precast operation produces a variety of building products and building facades.

The advantages of using precast concrete is the increased quality of the material, when formed in controlled conditions, and the reduced cost of constructing large forms used with poured-in-place concrete. There are many different types of precast concrete forming systems for architectural applications - differing in size, function and cost.

At U.S. Concrete Precast Group, we produce precast concrete products at our plant in Pennsylvania. Our precast concrete products consist of concrete we either produce on-site or purchase from third parties, which is then poured into reusable molds at our plant sites. After the concrete sets, we strip the molds from the finished products and either place them in inventory or ship them to our customers. Because precast concrete products are not perishable, we can place these products into inventory and stage them at plants or other distribution sites to serve a larger geographic market area.



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